At OTM we provide a wide range of physical therapy and wellness services. Our mission is to provide comprehensive patient focused treatment in the comfort of your home or office. We specialize in evidence-based treatment combined with our many years of experience.

We treat a wide range of conditions, including…

• pre/post surgical rehab

• joint replacements

• running and sports injuries

• overuse injuries

• “day to day” aches and pains

And because we are not constrained by insurance restrictions, we are able to focus on you as whole person and treat your needs holistically versus isolated injuries based on your insurance coverage.



A complimentary 15 minute screening call where we can discuss your injury and you can learn about our treatment model to see if OTM could be a good fit for you.


During your initial evaluation we will spend time taking a thorough history to listen and connect on your needs and what you are seeking. We will perform a comprehensive physical examination and together we will come up with a treatment plan focused on your goals and physical findings. We will initiate treatment and provide education along with a comprehensive home exercise program to get you started on your recovery journey.


Your follow up visits will focus on treatment. This may include manual therapy, IASTM/ Graston, therapeutic exercise, functional training, performance therapy, KT taping, and ergonomic assessment. Basically, all the things to help you move and feel better. The number of follow up visits recommended will be determined as part of your treatment plan and will be continuously assessed throughout your recovery.

Discovery Call


• 15 minute phone call

• discuss your condition & how OTM works

• determine if working together is a good fit

Initial Evaluation


• discuss your history, needs & goals

• comprehensive physical evaluation

• treatment & exercise plan begins

Follow Up Visits


• focus on treatment

• multiple therapeutic techniques (see below)

• continue to assess progress

Ready to feel better?

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