We primarily focus on South Boston, Seaport, Dorchester and surrounding neighborhoods. Please contact us to discuss your specific location and Telehealth options.

No, you do not need to see a doctor. Massachusetts is a direct access state.

At this time, we are solely an out-of-network (OON) provider. What this means is that we are not contracted with any insurance companies. We accept cash, checks and credit cards and are also able to accept HSA/FSA. By not directly accepting insurance, our treatments and visits are not dictated by the insurance companies. We can provide you with a detailed bill, otherwise known as a “super bill”, which you can submit to your insurance company and possibly get a portion of your visit reimbursed if you have OON benefits. You can find out if you have OON benefits by calling your insurance company and confirming your coverage. If you have PPO you likely have OON benefits.

During your first visit we will perform a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation with movement screen. We will include manual techniques and provide you with an individualized home exercise program focused towards achieving your specific goals. We will educate you on your condition and make sure you feel comfortable with your treatment plan every step along the way. Subsequent visits will include ongoing reassessment, appropriate manual techniques, and progression of your home exercise program. Because we are seeing you in your environment, we may include a home office evaluation that would not be routine in a traditional outpatient clinic.

No. Along with helping you recover from an injury, we can use our extensive knowledge of the body and movement dysfunction to help you maximize performance and potentially avoid injury. Because we are not guided by insurance companies, you can be seen for all of your wellness goals.